Along the rushing Zulg in Steffisburg

Steffisburg Platz – Ober Emberg – Birchigraben – Schluchbach – Steffisburg Kirche


Our tip: Open the file easily on the way with the app «wanderplaner» from the Bernese hiking trails (Berner Wanderwege)

Hiking time2 h
Hiking time opposite direction2 h
Length of hiking trail6,9 km
Ascent / descent250 m / 230 m
Level of difficultydemanding
Ideal seasonspring, summer and autumn

This almost circular hike leads along the rushing Zulg to Waggelisteg. The narrow footbridge leads over the river, which is particularly mighty after rainfall. From there it goes high up through the forest to Ober Emberg. The route leads through Birchigraben along the lively gurgling Schluchbach stream to the end point of this varied hike, the STI stop «Kirche» of line 1 in Steffisburg.


STI-Bus no
Linie 01

until Steffisburg «Platz»


STI-Bus no
Linie 01

from Steffisburg «Kirche»

Zulg is an impressive river. This becomes already clear after a few meters of this hike. From the STI stop Steffisburg «Platz» of line 1, turn right before the Zulg bridge into Schächliweg. Only a few meters on the way, you will be welcomed by Sharpbills, Beared Barbets and Yellow-Bellied Senegal Parrots of the Ornithological Association Steffisburg. A few meters further on, the power of Zulg is shown in a small waterfall. Via a small lock, the route leads through an alley of deciduous trees above Zulg. The hiking trail is well developed. Through Zulgrain there are practically no inclines towards Wäggelisteg. On the way barbecue area of the burger community in Zulgboden invites to a first rest. Again and again small streams lead their water from the forest slope down into the mighty rushing Zulg.

The hike finally leads over the narrow Waggelisteg into the forest on the other side of the river and on narrow paths up to Weid and Ober Emberg. Keep to the right for a few meters at the STI stop «Emberg Schmiede», then off the official hiking trail turn left down into a sink and back up to Birchi. From there the path leads again into the forest. Right at the first turn-off a steep road leads down into Birchi-Graben. There Schluchbach, which is gently mumbling, welcomes you and accompanies you on the way down to the STI stop Steffisburg «Kirche» of line 1.



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