Suspension bridge Sigriswil – up to lofty heights

Gunten – Gummischlucht (Gunten Gorge) – Aeschlen – Suspension bridge – Sigriswil


Our tip: Open the file easily on the way with the app «wanderplaner» from the Bernese hiking trails (Berner Wanderwege)

Hiking time1 h 30 min
Hiking time opposite direction1 h 15 min
Length of hiking trail2,6 km
Ascent / descent360 m / 120 m
Level of difficultymoderade
Ideal seasonall year

A truly adventurous hike: Through the beautiful Gummischlucht up to Aeschlen and then over the 320 meter long suspension bridge (up to 180 meters above the ground). This ascent promises impressive views of nature and a magnificent panoramic view as well as a truly adventurous hike.


STI-Bus no
Linie 21
Linie 25

until «Gunten Dorf»


STI-Bus no
Linie 25

from «Sigriswil Dorf»

From the STI stop «Gunten Dorf» of lines 21/25, take the asphalted forest path up to the large car park. This is where the actual hiking trail begins, which leads into the beautiful Gummischlucht. Past the lush green of the trees and moss as well as the conglomerate rocks and the rushing Guntenbach, the route leads deep into Gummischlucht. Before the path zigzags up, the suspension bridge appears over the hikers’ heads. Then the path leads up through the forest to Aeschlen. The upper part of the route belongs to the old church path into the direction of Sigriswil. Today it is an adventure trail for the whole family and offers all kinds of information as well as observation posts for birds (the gorge is habitat for about 20 bird species such as the great tit or the common raven), terrain forms and local specialties such as the bear's garlic valley.

Shortly before the village of Aeschlen and the panoramic restaurant, the route leads to the suspension bridge. It is 340 meters long and up to 180 meters above the ground of the gorge. From the bridge you can enjoy an incomparable view over Lake Thun region and the Bernese Alps. But if you want to capture this wonderful panorama with a camera, you need a good stand. Because the bridge swings a little, almost like a wobbling ship. A bridge toll has to be paid on the Sigriswil side. From the bridge to the STI stop «Sigriswil Dorf» of line 25, the hike takes just a few minutes.

Combined ticket

Benefit from a reduced combi-ticket, which is only available at the STI Ticket Shop at Thun railway station. This ticket includes the arrival and return journey with the STI bus as well as the bridge toll.

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