From Schwarzenegg to Innereriz: varied and panoramic hike

Schwarzenegg – Chnubelhütte – Honegg – Unter Scheidzun – Innereriz


Our tip: Open the file easily on the way with the app «wanderplaner» from the Bernese hiking trails (Berner Wanderwege)

Hiking time4 h 40 min
Hiking time opposite direction4 h 30 min
Length of hiking trail14 km
Ascent / descent750 m / 620 m
Level of difficultyvery demanding
Ideal seasonspring, summer and autumn

The hike from Schwarzenegg to Innereriz is very varied and offers many views. The different inclines up to Honegg should not be underestimated. On the way you will be spoiled with exceptional views of the Bernese Oberland Alps and the Bernese Mittelland as far as Jura. Finally, the Rotmoos nature reserve provides wonderful insights into the diversity of nature almost at the end of this hike.


STI-Bus no
Linie 41
Linie 42

until «Schwarzenegg Dorf»


STI-Bus no
Linie 41

from «Innereriz Säge»

From the STI stop «Dorf» in Schwarzenegg, the trail leads along the main road for a short distance to the cemetery. There the hiking trail branches off to the right and leads past picturesque farms and across meadows. Then follows an ascent through the forest up to Aussereriz Chürzi. Only after a short distance the sweaty incline will be forgotten again. The view of Sieben Hengste and the majestic Bernese Oberland Alps leaves no one unimpressed. The hiking trail continues up to Fallenstutz. This location is reached after a short, rough ascent. However, the breather on the hiking trail is only short.

On the hiking trail you go along meadows and forest edges once again up to Chnubbelegg. Until then, there are some welcome places to linger and rest, the wonderful views are a good excuse. From Chnubbelegg the hike finally leads through woodland up to Honegg. There you can enjoy the view of Emmental with the village of Schangnau. Honegg is the highest point of this hike, so the route to Innereriz leads mainly downhill. On the way you can see the colorful Alpine meadows where cows graze or rest in the warm sun. Here, you can enjoy tranquility and leisure. The sometimes steep descents on narrow meadow paths, like the ascents, should not be underestimated and can be a challenge for your knees. As a compensation for this demanding hike, the STI stop «Innereriz Säge» with the restaurant of the same name, is at the end the nature reserve Rotmoos. In this peculiar moorland landscape an incredible variety of plants, birds and insects can be discovered (more information about Rotmoos can be found here).



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