Heiligenschwendi Blueme – wonderful outlooks and panoramic views

Schwanden – Halten – Blueme – Heiligenschwendi (planetary path Sirius)


Our tip: Open the file easily on the way with the app «wanderplaner» from the Bernese hiking trails (Berner Wanderwege)

Hiking time2 h 20 min
Hiking time opposite direction2 h 15 min
Length of hiking trail8,6 km
Ascent / descent430 m / 370 m
Level of difficultydemanding
Ideal seasonspring, summer and autumn

The Blueme viewpoint is one of the most beautiful in the region. From the 16-meter-high tower, the view sweeps from the Bernese Alps over the hilly landscape of Emmental to the Bernese Jura. The hike leads along the planetary path SIRIUS from Schwanden near Sigriswil up to the viewpoint and on to Heiligenschwendi.


STI-Bus no
Linie 21

until «Oberhofen Dorf», then change to

STI-Bus no
Linie 24

until Schwanden «Säge» OR

STI-Bus no
Linie 25

until «Sigriswil Dorf», then change to

STI-Bus no
Linie 24

until Schwanden «Säge»


STI-Bus no
Linie 31

from «Heiligenschwendi Reha Zentrum»

STI-Bus no
Linie 32

from «Heiligenschwendi Reha Zentrum»

At the starting point, the STI stop Schwanden «Säge» of line 24, there is already an information board about the planet Mars. The hiking trail through the solar system leads through Wolfgruebe to Jupiter and further up to the Cherwald Sunnsite, where information about the planet Saturn can be read. The local forest flora is filled with the buzzing of diverse insects. The well-developed forest road goes along Cheerwald Schattsyte steadily rising up to the crossroads with information about the planet Uranus. There a steep path leads up to Blueme at 1392 meters above sea level. The viewpoint is a popular resting place for hikers.

From the 16-meter-high observation tower you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the Oberland Alps, the mountains and hills of Emmental and the Jura chain. At the foot of the tower, a barbecue area invites you to linger. After enjoying a fine Bratwurst or a Cervelat, hiking is twice as much fun. The route finally leads back to the information board Uranus. From there it goes down to Tschingelallmi to the planet Neptun and further towards Bruuchhubel. On the long walk towards Heiligenschwendi the path leads through the forest, where a deer might cross the path. Information about Pluto can be read before the bend over Schwendigraben. The hiking trail continues over a tarred road (beware of traffic) to the Bernese Reha Center Heiligenschwendi or to the STI stop.

Further information about the planetary path can be found at planetenweg-sirius.ch

Our tip: Visit the planetarium or the observatory Sirius only 200 m away from the STI stop Schwanden «Säge». On your way there, you will pass the information panels of the planetary path about the celestial bodies Earth, Venus, Mercury and the Sun. All information about the facility and the program can be found here.



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