Magical Glütschbachtal, Strättligturm steeped in history and wild Kander

Allmendingen – Guntelsey – Strättligturm – Gwatt


Our tip: Open the file easily on the way with the app «wanderplaner» from the Bernese hiking trails (Berner Wanderwege)

Hiking time2 h 10 min
Hiking time opposite direction2 h 10 min
Length of hiking trail7,8 km
Ascent / descent170 m / 180 m
Level of difficultymoderate
Ideal seasonspring, summer and autumn

A beautiful meadow landscape with mirror worlds, bizarre stone faces, a tower from days gone by as well as a wild river and a park landscape promising recreation: The hike from Thun-Allmendingen to Strättligturm and over the wild Kander to Gwatt promises all this.


STI-Bus no
Linie 03

until «Allmendingen Wendeplatz»


STI-Bus no
Linie 01

from «Gwatt Deltapark»

A special kind of magic surrounds Glütschbachtal. From the STI stop «Allmendingen Wendeplatz» of line 3, the well-developed path leads to a stalactite cave. At the first intersection follow the signs in the direction of Amsoldingen. On the way to the stalactite cave a wonderful meadow landscape opens up to the hiker in Galgacher. The brooks reflect the forest – a real magical world where you can lose yourself while relaxing. At the stalactite cave there is a well developed grill place. There children can play on the water or look for the stone faces in the rocks. The hiking trail continues in the direction of Guntelsey.

At the restaurant, the path turns right through the forest towards Alte Schlyfi (towards Zwieselberg). Then turn left in the direction of Gwattegg up to the historic Strättligturm. The barons of Strättligen had their ancestral seat there in the 13th century. However, it was destroyed. In 1699 it was partly rebuilt and used as a powder tower. The complex is owned by the city of Thun and is not open to the public, but can be rented for parties. From Strättligturm hikers can enjoy a wonderful view to the Alps and Lake Thun. Then the path leads down towards Gwattegg and over Gwattstutz down to the wild Kander. Over a footbridge it goes to Einigen and to Chandergrien. The path then leads through a wonderful little forest to Deltapark Resort directly at the lake. There are many rest stops until the bus can be taken to the train station at the STI stop «Gwatt Deltapark» of line 1.

Our tip: Follow the road to Bonstettenpark and to the railway station Thun (approx. 1 hour).


Restaurant Kreuz

Restaurant Guntelsey


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